Backup Offerings to Make Your Business Technology Disaster Proof

Being prepared for the unthinkable is critical for businesses both large and small. From unexpected system outages to total server malfunctions, there are several risks to your data if you do not have a disaster recovery plan in place. Let us elaborate on backup offerings that will put your mind at ease and keep your data safe on the other side of a technology disaster.

Total Data Protection with Datto

Datto is a great resource for data protection because its solutions safeguard businesses from IT disasters, human error and malicious activity. Datto guarantees business continuity with uninterrupted access to data on-site, in transit and in the cloud. Unlike standard backup options, the Datto Total Data Protection plan always offers:

  • Local protection against loss
  • Cloud protection against disaster
  • Instant local and cloud failover
  • Restoration of all applications and files
  • Ability to prevent downtime
  • A typical recovery time objective (RTO) of seconds

Safe File Sync and Collaboration with eFolder Anchor

eFolder provides IT channel partners with cloud backup, data protection, business continuity and file sync services. By virtualizing and running client infrastructure securely with online backup in their cloud, eFolder solutions are in place to propel your IT business forward while providing safe and secure worker mobility and data protection.

Specifically, the eFolder Anchor feature allows businesses to safely sync data across multiple platforms in private or public cloud deployments (while governing data access and data privacy). Secure file syncing capabilities like this can increase business productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. eFolder Anchor users can tap into the benefits of safely syncing corporate data between:

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • The cloud

Need Help Protecting Your System From a Disaster? Backup Offerings with Certified CIO

At Certified CIO, we take pride in offering the safest, most dependable, state-of-the-art solutions for your managed storage, backup and disaster recovery needs. We can implement the aforementioned backup offerings to keep your entire system healthy, protected and operating at peak performance – regardless of if disaster strikes. Give us a call today at 443-283-0666 x3 or contact us here for more information about how we can help provide reliable solutions.

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