SharePoint: Empowering Teamwork, Reducing Stress and Improving Efficiency

Imagine that you are a project manager with a task at hand. You’ll need to locate the best candidates within your company, share important documents with them, and schedule meetings to discuss progress and efficiency. Where and how do you collaborate as a team? Do your team members know who else is on the project, or is one person collaborating with 5 team members separately? How much time (i.e., money) is wasted sifting through emails trying to locate the most current version of said documents? The next meeting time and location? If you are familiar with this type of headache and loss of productivity, it’s time to introduce your business to SharePoint – a streamlined communication solution that will reduce stress, improve efficiency, and most importantly… save time and money! Teamwork has never been easier.

Leave the Headache Behind With The Power and Benefits of SharePoint

SharePoint is a web application designed by Microsoft that improves user experiences and capabilities based on the innovations in Office 365. With SharePoint, teamwork and collaboration doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. When your employees can safely and easily find, share and communicate content with one another from any place, at any time, using any device – your business will thrive.

The on-premises, hybrid and cloud solutions that SharePoint Server 2016 provides will minimize the pain of collaborating and increase efficiency in the following ways:

  • Store files, search and retrieve information (as well as track who’s accessing what)
  • Identify and search for sensitive content (data loss prevention)
  • New compliance features such as document deletion and in-place hold policies
  • Support large files (upload/download files larger than 2,047 MB with ease)
  • Preview images and videos in SharePoint Server document libraries
  • Improved mobile access to content (beneficial for content management)
  • Convenient project role assignment and Site Folders view
  • Increased control, compliance and security
  • And much, much more!

Ready to Provide a Foundation for Future Innovation? Let us Implement SharePoint For Your Business Today

With SharePoint, empowering teamwork is within your control. If you want to improve performance, reliability and scale while providing a foundation for future innovation – we can help. At Certified CIO, we understand that centralized access to enterprise information and applications can greatly increase business productivity. For more information about how we can help you satisfy your company’s evolving needs and maximize cost efficiency, call or contact us online.

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