Many people are surprised to learn that costly data breaches can occur even when an organization has met IT compliance standards. Do you have all of your bases covered? If you aren’t sure, the security and success of your business could be at risk.

Common IT Compliance and Security Challenges

Keeping your organization in compliance with industry and federal rules can be challenging, and failure to comply can result in costly fines, penalties and loss of trust. In many cases, security breaches bring HIPAA, HITECH and PCI compliance threats to light. Employees who aren’t educated on how to protect your company’s sensitive data can put you at risk, as well a lack of safeguards to protect said data. Mobile devices, laptops, third-party apps and cloud service providers that don’t meet underlying regulatory requirements can all contribute to this risk.

The Power of Preparation

The average cost of a data breach is $4 million and counting, and the consequences for non-compliance can leave your business vulnerable to lawsuits, audits and more. Preparation is the key to prevention if you want your business to survive in response to a cybersecurity or IT compliance threat. After all, it’s not just your finances that are at risk – your business reputation is on the line, too.

Comprehensive CIO Support and Proactive 24/7 Remote Monitoring

At Certified CIO, our team of highly qualified systems engineers and professionals are dedicated to maximizing your success and minimizing your headaches by keeping your IT compliant and secure. We understand how critical it is for small and mid-sized businesses to implement a comprehensive security and compliance approach. That is why we regularly work with Chief Information Officers to help them deliver the top quality systems reliability and protection they need to match their company’s evolving needs.

Our team works diligently to proactively identify any issues before they turn into costly problems that can negatively impact your business. Our 24/7 remote monitoring system allows us to:

  • Continuously monitor the system health of each computer and server
  • Schedule routine and preventative repairs, replacements and software/hardware upgrades
  • Monitor backup processes
  • Detect and cure failures
  • Provide antivirus and malware protection
  • And much more! Check out our full services list here 

Need Help Keeping Your IT Compliant and Secure? Contact Certified CIO

At Certified CIO, we take pride in offering the safest, most dependable, state-of-the-art solutions for your managed storage, backup, security and compliance needs. Give us a call today at 443-283-0666 x3 or contact us here for more information about how we can help provide reliable solutions.

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