Picture this: The bakery down the street that makes your favorite chocolate cake and has just shared the recipe with you. Excited, you head to the grocery store and buy the identical ingredients necessary to model your delicious masterpiece after theirs. You head home, mix it up as directed, and watch it as it bakes with careful attention. When the moment finally comes to enjoy your first delectable bite, you’re disappointed.

Even though you followed the exact same recipe, the bakery’s chocolate cake still tastes better. How much time, money and energy have you wasted by this point? You’ll likely find yourself wondering what their “secret ingredient” is (spoiler alert: it’s their professional baking expertise).   This same concept applies to IT services – don’t waste your time and money on faulty DIY solutions or a provider who won’t deliver top-notch results the first time around. Let us explain.

The Bakers: IT Managed Service Providers

Similar to the baker’s ingredients, every IT managed service provider has access to the same products and tools to identify, fix and ultimately prevent common IT headaches and frustrations. So, why is it that some providers outperform others on a major scale in terms of effective service, even with the same set of tools?

 The Secret Ingredient: Certified CIO

The secret ingredient is in how those providers choose to utilize the tools available to them.

Certified CIO’s ability to define, implement and manage our unique set of high quality standards and best practices makes us the expert baker of IT managed service (with the secret ingredient to deliver cost efficient and hassle-free results).

The Money-Saving Monitoring Process: Have Your Chocolate Cake & Eat *IT* Too

Through aligning your technology with your business goals, we will increase productivity, morale, functionality and profits while lowering technology costs (so you can have your cake and eat it too). With our 24/7 monitoring system on your side, our IT experts are constantly nurturing your “chocolate cake” so that you don’t have to. We stay busy at work monitoring your system in a specialized effort to identify and prevent issues before they turn into costly emergencies – all the while you reap the benefits of a healthy system that is operating at peak performance.

Why You Shouldn’t Settle for Mediocre Chocolate Cake

Here’s the thing – we make our living in this industry because we are passionate about ensuring that you can still make yours despite the many IT hiccups that you may encounter along the way. While the taste of your chocolate cake may only differ slightly from the baker’s, that slight difference is what keeps companies from sinking or swimming in the face of an IT disaster. Without the critical tool of professional IT expertise at your fingertips, you risk suffering the critical loss of revenue, invaluable data and costly productivity. Need help? Reach out to us!

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