There is this saying in the restaurant industry that “if you have time to lean, you have time to clean” – a manager’s ode to promoting productivity and eliminating downtime. But what if the restaurant is experiencing a complete power outage? What if the necessary cleaning supplies have disappeared and can’t be found? If you don’t want idle employees, you have to set them up for success by giving them the tools required to get the job done.

In the same sense, if you don’t want the productivity of your employees to plummet in the face of an IT-related downtime, you have to implement preventative measures to eliminate the high stress situations that lead to extended downtime (i.e. server crashes, poor network speed, consistently slow workstations). At Certified CIO, we don’t have time to lean because we are busy 24/7 helping our clients clean up their IT performance and eliminate downtime. How? By frequently monitoring their network and devices. Let us explain.

What Commonly Contributes to IT Downtime for Small Business?

When the speed of your computer slows down, so does the speed of your productivity. When your company experiences a total server malfunction, how can your employees be expected to do their jobs? To eliminate IT-related downtime, you have to understand what causes it. All of the following factors could contribute to a loss in speed, productivity, data, revenue and more:

Utilizing 24/7 Monitoring to Combat IT-Related Downtime

The best way to prevent IT-related downtime is to prepare for it. At Certified CIO, we employ a 24/7 proactive remote monitoring and maintenance system that is designed to stop costly emergencies in their tracks before they result in lost revenue or extended downtime. We work diligently to keep software, drivers and operating systems updated and running at peak performance. We proactively monitor the daily system health of each computer and server, identify potential problems in advance, detect and cure failures, provide reliable antivirus and malware protection, and implement backup and disaster recovery measures that keep our client’s companies afloat when they need it most. Wondering what all of this is worth?

Think about it this way – homeowners rarely recognize the importance of a home security system until after they have experienced a costly and often traumatizing break-in. At which point they wonder, “Why didn’t I do something to prevent this sooner?” The point is – the cost of preventative protection greatly outweighs the cost of disaster. Which side of logic do you want your company to be on? Contact Certified CIO today for more info on trusted system protection.

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