Are you growing old waiting for your programs to open, or for your web pages to load? Are you pulling your hair out watching the “loading” icon spin and spin and spin? We see it all the time where computers are running perfectly fine and then all of the sudden they are painfully slow. Here are the three most common reasons your computer could be running slow:

  1. You Have Too Many Programs Running in the Background.
    The first thing we check when a client tells us their machine is running slow is the number of programs running in the background. Software programs known as “Terminate and Stay Residents” or TSRs, eat up memory by running in the background until needed. Startup Programs that automatically launch when you start up your computer can also slow down your system. Open the Task Manager to see what is running and disable or remove programs you don’t need. 
  1. Your Computer Has Been Infected with Malware or Viruses.
    Once you have closed all of the programs running in the background, check for malware and viruses that could be slowing your computer down. Run a malware scan to identify any malicious software. You should also have an antivirus program that will find viruses or “Potentially Unwanted Programs” (PUPs) and remove them.
  1. Your Computer is at the End of its Life.
    Computers are designed to last four to five years. If your device is older than that it may be time for an upgrade. Older computers are not optimized to run more advanced software programs that have been released in the last few years. They slow down significantly when they can’t keep up with the new programs.

Get Running at Full Speed

If you have checked all of these common causes and your computer is still running slowly, Certified CIO can help. We take a proactive approach to ensure that minor issues never become major emergencies. Call us today at 443-283-0666 and learn how we can help keep your business running at full speed!

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