As COVID-19 has forced much of the country into staying in our homes as much as possible, the healthcare business has undergone some significant changes. Part of this schema change is utilization of telehealth which, at its core, is meeting patients remotely. This, of course, allows communication between healthcare provider and client while keeping exposure (and danger for coronavirus transmission) at zero. 

The transition to telehealth has introduced a new set of challenges for both provider and patient. There is the initial challenge of training and unforeseen technical events. There is an ongoing challenge in that a virtual meeting takes away a “hands-on” approach that many providers would normally use. But perhaps just as interesting are future challenges. Will this pandemic change healthcare? What innovations will the industry—both technical and medical—come up with to minimize challenges? 

In this WIRED magazine feature, editor in chief Nicholas Thompson and Carbon Health cofounder Caesar Djavaherian discuss the application of telemedicine in tough-to-reach places (rural areas, prisons, etc.), coronavirus treatments, and how regulations affect the future of telemedicine. The interview is followed-up by an informative Q&A, as well. 

If you have questions on telehealth, please contact us! We are finding with many clients they are using additional and unnecessary products while under-utilizing options that they already have (and are paying for)! Give us a call!

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