It’s not unusual for us to talk to a prospective customer about our services and learn that their company employs a full-time IT person. So, they ask, why would they want to instead pay a company that won’t be watching their issues or dedicated to them full-time? There are several reasons:

Adding an additional salary for most SMB is a big deal. In order to pay a qualified IT person, it can be an endeavor from a financial perspective. Highly skilled persons in the IT field can command large salaries and, bluntly, lower skilled personnel can wreck IT systems efficacy and productivity. Conversely, a Managed Services Provider can tailor their services to the needs of the customer at a fraction of the cost of a full-time, on-site person.

No one person can keep up with the changes of technology. There’s simply too much to track, and IT speeds up and expands literally every single day. Challenges morph and bad actors come up with new methods to defeat security systems. Where a single person may struggle to cover all bases, an MSP can dedicate personnel to specialize in different areas, thus covering issues—in security, productivity, and thus profitability—that a single person simply couldn’t do.

It’s not unusual for a single person to get sick, even for days at a time. What happens in the interim if there is an IT issue? Do other employees simply stop what they are doing until the IT engineer returns? A Managed Service Provider alleviates this problem, as under any normal circumstance it will be open and attending to IT issues as expected during normal business hours…and non-business hours, too.

A single person cannot cover a company’s IT needs 24/7/365. It would be exhausting. But a team of professionals can split the “on-call” responsibilities and be there for you all the time. Similarly, when a single IT professional is only available to handle one item at a time, a Managed Services Provider will answer the phone all the time. A quality MSP won’t all be on lunch or installing a server or fixing a password issue with Mark in Finance. In fact, a good MSP can be doing all those things…as well as answering the phone when you call.

By specializing in the technology field and dispersing costs among its many customers’ recurring rates, MSPs can afford to invest more in its personnel and its software. By remaining on the cutting edge of security, productivity, and integration software, an MSP can work more efficiently and effectively than the single IT person, who may not have access to the same quality of tools.

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