Just like PCs, servers require licensing for their operating systems. The most common method for purchase (and the way we operate at Certified CIO) is offering products from Microsoft Volume Licensing.

Learn more about Open Value, Open License, and Software Assurance in a previous blog post here.

Microsoft has announced changes to the way that they will be offering Volume Licensing beginning next year. One of the two primary programs, Open License, will no longer be offered after December 31, 2021. Current Open License Software Assurance will be honored through its term, even if the term extends into 2022 or beyond. However, while there is still opportunity for Microsoft to change its mind on specifics, it does not appear that Open License based Software Assurance will be eligible for renewal beyond SA purchases made prior to the end of 2021.

Perpetual licensing will be available without option for Software Assurance, which is a major change in the manner Microsoft views its perpetual licensing.

The official word from Microsoft can be read here and here.

If you’re interested in watching the offerings develop, a good source would be the Microsoft Licensing news posts.

The removal of Open License options may have most affected charity and not-for-profit organizations except that Microsoft is adding product offerings specifically for that audience (which were not previously available in Open Value). This is great news and a welcome change, and we look forward to seeing what those offerings look like.

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