IT Security Awareness: a term that’s easy to agree is important, but difficult to define precisely what it is. Often, company and organization IT decision makers have similar trouble defining what it means to them. Take a moment and check out this video. 


As mentioned, the referenced study shows that many organizations are overconfident on their level of preparedness. As an IT Managed Services Provider, Certified CIO regularly assesses security for both customers and for prospective clients. Indeed, we would agree that there is often a disconnect as to the true security posture of most companies and organizations when compared to the perceptions of decision makers within those entities. This can apply to hardware and software solutions—what one might most traditionally consider “IT”, but it also applies to the human portion of IT. The latter portion is often the weakest—in it resides the most human error and lack of understanding of security concepts. 

As we’ve examined over the past few blog articles, the human element, when improperly prepared, can be an unfortunate burden on attaining organizational security. While no solution is completely airtight, Security Awareness Training can alleviate a large part of this. 

The referenced study indicates a large ROI based on possibilities of what it costs to recover from a large incident. Even so, many would agree that it’s much more desirable to maintain security and avoid the headaches—even if the cost was more. The reputation damage done by a breach can be far-reaching—such as breaking trust of clients, failure to complete tasks on schedule, making the “I’ve got bad news” calls—if difficult to financially quantify. 

However, Security Awareness Training doesn’t have to be expensive. Our partners at KnowBe4 offer a solution to strengthen the “human firewall” for a few dollars a month per user. If you’re interested, check out a demo here. 

 If you’re interested in reading the whitepaper in its entirety, it is available here. 

And if all of this is a bit too much, just give us a call or CONTACT US and we’ll help you get sorted out! 

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