This week, major digital entertainment mogul Twitch suffered a massive data leak. In it, the source code of the project and the earnings of many of the larger platform stars (colloquially called streamers) were revealed.

As some have noted, this is “part 1” of the leak and it is currently unknown if further details, such as user login information, was stolen. Due to the sensitive nature of the items that were released in this specific data leak, many experts are advising to immediately reset passwords and add two factor authentication to Twitch accounts. Twitch, themselves, forced a reset of stream keys (the manner in which user production platforms, such as OBS, authenticate to the site).

Aside from user security concerns, the release of information concerning earnings has put many streamers in an awkward position. As they push for donations and paid subscriptions for content, it is more difficult to ask for these things when, in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars are being earned each month.

So…what does a massive data leak mean to small-business owners?

It means that even industry leaders in a digital space—who, as an Amazon subsidiary, have no excuse to not be rock solid on cybersecurity—are susceptible to attack and suffering a massive data leak. While it is unknown at this time the method of attack, the most common layer of vulnerability in the cyber-defense network is often human error.

Human error is most commonly exploited by methods of phishing. It also happens that, at the time of publishing this article, it is Cybersecurity Month (recognized in the IT industry annually in October). Our partners at KnowBe4 have a great collection of free resources that will be available throughout the month.

KnowBe4’s products are an excellent training tool for maintaining the human element of cyber-defense! If you’d like to increase your Cybersecurity via a partnership with KnowBe4, please let us know!

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