As your IT partner, we constantly strive to maintain a responsible level of IT protection while balancing against value and price of our service offerings to you.

Over the past 12 months, we have noticed a sharp increase in technical requirements for cyberinsurance policies. Against a backdrop of increasing malicious IT attacks—which are expected to double in the next five years—we agree with these insurance firms: a proper level of cyberdefense is more important than we’ve ever previously experienced. As such, we find it prudent and necessary to increase our baseline cyberdefenses across our client base. While no system is perfect, increasing cyberdefenses in this way SIGNIFICANTLY increases your safety against malicious attacks.

How Your Business Is Affected

Certified CIO has standardized our product offerings across all clients and have negotiated volume pricing allowing us to provide a number of improvements at a low cost per device and end user.

With Certified CIO Certified CIO Managed Services monitoring system, your business will be protected by:

Enterprise Anti-Virus solutions: Industry leading protection protecting against viruses and malware.
Backup and business continuity products: High value, industry-accepted standards for retaining data in the event of a major loss or compromise
Enforced Multi-Factor Authentication: Require a quick, easy, and secure second step to verify who is logging in to your IT resources.
Security Awareness Training: Tailored to your end-users, this training is not too technical to understand but complex enough to make a difference. This helps to get your staff in the proper state of mind for cybersecurity.
Warranty Services: Increase the lifetime value of your IT hardware through extended warranty services.
App Whitelisting and Ringfencing: When a new program wants to execute, app whitelisting and ringfencing may require special privilege if it is considered unusual. This product is designed to stop unauthorized programs from running.
Managed Detection and Response: By monitoring and determining normal activities, these programs can help determine and detect malicious agents or activity on your systems.
Managed Threat Detection: Is a system administrator that works 9am-5pm suddenly attempting to log in at 2am? Did a user login from your local area, and then attempt to login from Europe minutes later? Both of these are examples of unusual situations that can create alerts via this software.
Better Tools for Budgeting: Be better prepared to handle future IT solutions and better enable planning by having a more complete idea of the normal expectations of your IT hardware asset life.
Password management: By allowing randomized passwords, password management programs assist your staff against the temptation of using easy to guess or repetitive passwords.
Asset Discovery and Software Management: This software analyzes other software presently on machines and alerts when new vulnerabilities become associated with installed software.

When Will This Happen?

Service offerings will begin to roll out to customers starting August 1, 2022. Once your business has been upgraded, we will adjust your agreement price per device and per users. Clients who already have stand-alone licensing of DUO, security awareness, and Security Monitoring will be completed first.

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