Using Microsoft Edge Chromium? Make sure you are updated to v84.0.522.40

We have received notice about a critical update required for Microsoft Edge Chromium.  

If you use Microsoft Edge instead of Internet Explorer or Chrome, and have upgraded Edge recently to the new Chromium version please use the below instructions to ensure you are running the latest release – v84.0.522.40.
Normally Edge Chromium updates automatically but in this case it is worth checking to ensure you have the latest release.


  1. Open Edge Chromium 
  2. Select the ...
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Can Teams really do what Zoom does?

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of clients complaining that Zoom is too expensive and too insecure.  While I trust they will continue to address any security concerns quickly, I have started asking – “Why not use Microsoft Teams?”

Really, the answer is simple – no one really knows that Teams is just as effective, is covered under the Microsoft Business Associate Agreement, and is included in almost every Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plan.

I am working on some detailed posts ...

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