Why IT Causes You Headaches, pt.1

You (or your business owner) Waited Too Long!

There are several common issues that we see as an IT Managed Services Provider. 

At times we identify issues within our processes and use it as an opportunity to improve. Often we will find a new and better tool solution via webinar, conference, or vendor product demo. But the most common issues we see relate to pain points we hear by talking to prospective customers—and we hear many of the same things repeatedly. Through this series of blog posts, ...

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What is Intune Management…and how can it help my business?

Intune is a mobile device management platform from Microsoft that allows companies of all sizes to more securely allow mobile devices into their IT plan. As many have discovered, and for some more painfully than others, mobile devices can present a specific challenge for IT security for SMB. 

On one hand, we want to allow our employees to remain as efficient and productive as possible, and often this is on the move: out of town, out of ...

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How Does Your MSP Communicate With You? 

In any business, a fair expectation for employees is to set productivity goals and standards. We use these to measure how well someone is doing, to make financial decisions, and to create a record of performance over time. 

At Certified CIO, we internally measure these performance markers for employees which assists in determining salary, service charges, and gauging profit margins. We also use them to assess how productive employees are and how their levels of productivity change ...

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What’s Up With The Cost Creep? 

Let’s face it: everyone’s looking to save money where he or she can. It’s just common sense, isn’t it? The same applies to businesses. In fact, it burrows to the point of running a business—making money. And making money depends on keeping costs down. 

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Why a Managed Services Provider Makes Sense for SMB

It’s not unusual for us to talk to a prospective customer about our services and learn that their company employs a full-time IT person. So, they ask, why would they want to instead pay a company that won’t be watching their issues or dedicated to them full-time? There are several reasons:

Adding an additional salary for most SMB is a big deal. In order to pay a qualified IT person, it can be an endeavor from a financial perspective. Highly ...

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Work From Home

Working from Home – What’s in Store?

The recent COVID-19 event has changed the way many of us work. For some, it prohibited normal work. Many others, however, have adapted to a work-from-home (WFH) status. This can mean different things to different people and types of work, but for many SMB this means using a computer, whether personal or business, to log in to a central location. Other SMBs have online components of the software they use which circumvents the need for a central server.

Either way, it’s ...

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What is the Principle of Least Privilege and How Does it Protect You?


The principle of least privilege (or PoLP) is, in layman’s terms, the idea that a user or technological process should have the minimum IT access necessary to efficiently complete their job or tasks. In other words, does Joe from Marketing need access to records from HR to perform his duty? If not, he should not be able to access them. Does Margaret from Accounting need access to the Finance records? Likely ...

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Why RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to look at Managed Services

How can a Managed Services Provider save YOUR BUSINESS money RIGHT NOW? 

Let’s pretend for a moment you’re a small business owner. Here we are, coming out of a crisis with a lot of economic recovery ahead. A lot of places are tightening their belts and not sure exactly where this is going. They may not be thinking about whether (or not) their IT is properly supporting them. In fact, it may be ...

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A brief on NIST Cybersecurity Framework

We often get asked about NIST. What is it? How does it affect our business? Let’s take a brief view of NIST and explore some further reading. 

NIST stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology, which is a non-regulatory agency of the US Federal Government founded in 1901However, in the IT world, NIST is generally shorthand for compliance standards relating to cybersecurity frameworks. This is very often, specifically NIST 800-53.  

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Which meeting software is best for you?

With many of us working remotely, much of the normal interaction between a Managed Service Provider (or any active business – your business) and customer must still take place. Of course, telephone communications are basically unchanged (at least via a VoIP solution like 3CX which allows quick transition) and some essential activities are still going to occur in-person. But what about the other times, when a meeting or other face-to-face interaction is simply a better option? (Medical ...

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