A Message from our CEO and Resources Regarding COVID-19

During the current COVID-19 Pandemic Certified CIO will continue operating in a remote capacity as we have done since 2000.  We are well established at working remotely and can assist our customers and other businesses struggling with the current crisis to re-imagine their business to use limited in-person interaction.

Our Company Policy is to follow the CDC’s recommendations. This will result in this situation being resolved faster and allow all of us to return to “normal”.   See HERE for CDC Workplace Recommendations.  You may also be interested in the OSHA Recommendations on COVID-19.

With this in mind, Certified CIO is doing the following bullet point items:

  • CCIO will continue to operate and provide remote support as normal
  • Requests for remote access will be handled on a first come first serve basis. Please plan ahead so your remote access for work does not become critical for you.
  • All on-site “courtesy visits” are being postponed until at least May
  • CCIO staff will ask more from you regarding troubleshooting of physical problems such as “my computer won’t turn on”.  We will be patient with you, and hope you will do the same.  We will utilize our ScreenConnect View feature to use your cell phone or tablet to see what you see.
  • We are severely limiting on-site visits.  We will require you to confirm that any staff at your location are monitoring their temperature and health status as well before coming on-site.
  • Supply chains are broken for many technical items but things are slowly improving.  We have procured some common replacement hardware in case of system failures.
  • Orders that were not delivered as of March 14, are delayed.  Please plan ahead for system replacements and other needs.

Certified CIO’s Environmental Response Plan

If you would like a free copy of our written response plan to use as a template for your company just fill out the form on the right side of this website and we’ll forward you a copy. This document is structured to address a number of environmental situations and lays the groundwork to ensure staff know how to proceed automatically and mitigate possible impacts occurring on the business.

Please modify it for your own businesses if you don’t have a plan in place already.  This will help ease tensions, set expectations, and put structure around an otherwise chaotic and evolving situation.

Overall Planning Information and Guidance:

Federal Resources:

Pennsylvania Resources:

Maryland Resources:

Planning Certified CIO can directly assist with:

  • Assisting with configuration and setup for remote tele-work
  • Suggesting alternative ways of providing the same services you do today via tools such as Unused Office 365 features: Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Scheduler, third-party solutions like Zoom, 3CX, and LogMeIn, among others.
  • Assisting with creation of an Incident Response plan to address the major business operation items.
  • Pointing out how to leverage tools and systems you already have available but have previously not used.
  • Shifting in-office servers and line-of-business applications on desktops or phone systems to the cloud.
  • Helping clients identify costs-savings in internet connections, line-of-business applications or processes.
  • Provide training to your staff


  • Within the state of Maryland we are operating at Level “3”.
  • Within the state of Pennsylvania we are operating at Level “3”

Stay well and please continue communicating with us so we can quickly address your needs!

Steven Plumlee