The moment you connect to the internet you expose your business to security threats. Certified CIO’s layered approach to security uses industry-leading hardware, tested and trusted software, and staff training to defend your business against ransomware/cryptolocker, phishing attempts and data theft. 

All the compliance standards you need In addition, certain industries require specific guidelines and best practices to comply with government regulations. Any business that receives payments via credit card (PCI) or handles electronic medical records (HIPAA) are subject to these compliance standards. 

All the data security you want.  Garner much needed peace of mind with Certified CIO. We will keep your network secure, protect your data, turn your employees into a human firewall and ensure your business is fully compliant with the latest regulations. 

  • Top-Level HIPAA & PCI Compliance 
  • DFARS NIST 800-171
  • Email Encryption 
  • Industry-Leading Security Hardware & Software 
  • Human Firewall Training 

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