How reliable would your car be if it never got any maintenance or care?

Just like your car, your computer system is a sophisticated machine that needs constant maintenance, tune-ups and preventive maintenance. Unlike your car, your computer system is used many hours per day, in many cases over 40 hours per week. If you drove your car 40 hours per week, how often would it need maintenance?

How often do you perform maintenance on your computer system?

Your computer system is a critical tool of getting your job done. It will be very costly when it breaks down. You can suffer lost revenue, lost data, lost productivity, plus the cost of fixing or replacing the computer and restoring (if possible) your critical data.

Just as important is the constant maintenance to keep the computer system running at peak performance. All computers slow down with use as unneeded temporary files accumulate, operating systems aren’t updated, and needed patches aren’t installed.

Certified CIO prevents that by constantly monitoring and maintaining your computer system so you are never at risk. We’ll proactively check for issues, update all systems and continuously tune the system for peak performance. With our help, you will rarely have a computer costly issue. We’ll prevent issues before they turn into costly emergencies!

Certified CIO Proactive Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Our Proactive Remote Monitoring and Maintenance system will keep your entire system in top notch health and speed. Instead of waiting for things to break, we continuously monitor your system and schedule routine and preventive repairs, replacements, and software/hardware upgrades. We address problems before they turn into costly emergencies.

Our 24/7 monitoring system will:

  • Update:
    • Software programs
    • Your operating system
    • Drivers
  • Monitor
    • System health of each computer and server
    • Physical hard drive status
    • Virtual disk status
    • Battery status (laptops)
    • Power supply status and health
    • Disk free space
    • Temp file size
    • Back up process
  • Tune up each computer each day so each is working at top efficiency at all times
  • Proactively identify any issues before they become costly problems
  • Detect and cure failures
  • Identify potential problems in advance
  • Provide antivirus and malware protection

Optional Services

Hardware firewall

We will provide you with a hardware firewall that is virtually guaranteed to keep out any intrusions, hackers, malware, or system attacks.

Back Up System

If you want us to provide backups, we’ll use the safest, most dependable, state of the art system that will not only keep your data safe and protected, but in the event of a total server malfunction, will allow you to download all files and be back up and running, in the shortest time possible.

Email Filtering

What happens if an employee (or anyone with access to a computer and email) sends your client or patient list out to a friend? We can prevent it. With our ongoing email filtering, emails such as that will be stopped dead and reported immediately to you. The system will prevent everyone from sending out compromising data, proprietary information, and top secret client or patient lists.


Do you have the right hardware to do the job? We’ll examine your hardware and compare it to your specific job requirements. Are you protected from outside intrusions? Can your server handle your requirements? Are your computers past the age where it’s efficient to continue using them?We’ll analyze your need, assess your equipment and make sure you have the best, most cost efficient system to meet all of your needs.


We’ll analyze your software needs, make sure you have the right software for the job, and then ensure that it’s configured for the most efficient use of the capabilities it brings.

If you need new industry specific software, we’ll work with you to select just the right software for the job and make sure you get the right package so you don’t waste money on features you don’t need, while ensuring you do get the features and capability you do need. Then we’ll configure it so it works the most efficiently for your operational needs.

CIO Support

Do you have a Chief Information Officer? If so, we’ll work with him or her to help deliver the top quality systems reliability and protection to match your company’s evolving needs. 

Help Desk

In the rare instances when there you suffer a system outage, we can have an engineer on site immediately. With our Proactive Remote Monitoring and Maintenance system, it is rare for a piece of hardware to simply quit, but it still can happen. We know how to fix the hardware and the software, we know how to replace the server if need be, and with our back up system, we will have you back to normal in a relatively short amount of time.

Additional Services

  • Managed Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Security Services
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Vendor Management