Your Employees are losing patience! 

There are several common issues that we see as an IT Managed Services Provider. 

At times we identify issues within our processes and use it as an opportunity to improve. Often we will find a new and better tool solution via a webinar, conference, or vendor product demo. But the most common issues we see relate to pain points we hear by talking to prospective customers—and we hear many of the same things repeatedly. Through this series of blog posts, we will examine some of these common items and talk about how you can deal with them. 

It seems like not that long ago, paper and pen were a large portion—at least a much larger portion—of our normal workdayNow, though, we’ve been using technology for critical portions of our businesses for decades and in a constantly increasing fashionThe amount of work occurring on a computer today might well be surprising to our past selves, and not necessarily from that long ago. 

When we depend on tech for so much of our normal business function, we must remain vigilant to stay on top of the items which, when working in synchronicity, bring us great productivity. There is a greater effect, though, to having less than optimal tech conditions: a less than optimally productive workforce. 

While this ties in tangentially to several other blog posts in this series, I’d like to focus this on the human aspect of tech In both negative and positive light. 

An employee with outdated technology is likely to become a frustrated employee. Frustration is, unfortunately, sometimes contagious at a workplace. One frustrated employee can bring morale down, and, if a business owner has neglected keeping PCs up to date for an entire office, complaints are likely to mount. Many jobs have various stresses as a necessary evil and adding computer slowness or network glitches to the mix is an unwelcome visitor. 

Mounting stress can often lead to demotivation and employee burn out. This will undoubtedly, in turn, lead to loss of productivity and could easily become a bit of a downward spiral. Even a single employee not performing at peak performance can create impact on an entire staff or department. 

Murphy’s law is commonly known as “what can go wrong, will go wrong”. It’s generally a tongue-in-cheek phrase and our human nature simply tends to remember (all too well!) when items foul our plans in the most inconvenient or blatant fashion. Still, our customers are human as well and having tools that aren’t functioning well does give an impression. For example, I often hear the joke, “Oh no! Our MSP is having computer issues…that’s not good!” when our CRM software is taking its time on a call with a customer. While this is said in jest, it is no joke that, indeed, the slowness is making my work less productive, the task less convenient, and decreasing my patience. 

However, by being proactive in keeping tabs on machines and services before they become a problem can reverse these trends. In factemployees will notice the effortsTechnology that is working for a business rather than against it can reverse the aforementioned doom and gloom. Not only can it reduce stress levels, but it can increase productivity and revenue.  

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