My intention with this post is to remind of expectations and address concerns as we all continue to deal with the ramifications of COVID-19.  This pandemic has been going on longer than we had previously hoped and we would like to reframe our stance and lower the probabilities for miscommunicationWith these plans and procedures, we continue to strive for increased safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers. Additionally, proper planning and procedures allow us to limit the impact on normal operations and serve our customers with increased efficiency 

Please note: 

  • CCIO will continue to operate and provide remote support as normal. 
  • Requests for end-user remote access (i.e. work from home) will continue to be handled on a first come, first served basis. Please plan ahead so that remote access for work does not become critical for your business or organization. Ken, Shaun, and I are available to discuss options using your existing resources. 
  • All on-site “courtesy visits” are postponed until further notice. 
  • CCIO staff may ask for more input and cooperation regarding troubleshooting from you in an effort to resolve tasks remotely that may have been handled as onsites prior to COVID-19. 
  • When CCIO staff is onsite, we expect our clients to be wearing face coverings and follow social distancing guidelines. If there has been COVID-19 exposure at your office we expect to be informed prior to any onsite visits. CCIO staff has the right to decline and reschedule service if you do not meet these guidelines. Travel charge will still apply in this event. 
  • Most supply chains have been restored and we are having normal turnaround time on most hardware orders. Certain items are still of varying availability and often backordered (such as webcams). 

Certified CIO’s Environmental Response Plan 

I encourage you to click the Contact Us link to obtain a copy of Certified CIO’s environmental response plan.  While this document is structured to address a number of environmental situations, it lays the groundwork to ensure our staff know how to proceed automatically and attempt to mitigate any impacts occurring on our business.  I encourage you to modify it for your own businesses if you don’t have a plan in place already.  This will help ease tensions, set expectations, and put structure around an otherwise chaotic and evolving situation. 

Overall Planning Information and Guidance: 

Planning Certified CIO can directly assist with: 

  • Assisting with updates to an Incident Response plan to address the major business operation items 
  • Assisting with adjustments to remote tele-work policies as most of us have settled in, but possibly have identified weaknesses to current setups. 
  • Pointing out how to leverage tools and systems you already have available but have previously not used. 
  • Shifting in-office servers and line-of-business applications on desktops or phone systems to the cloud. 
  • Helping clients identify costs-savings in internet connections, line-of-business applications or processes. 
  • Provide training 

CURRENT RESPONSE PLAN STATUS As of December 11th, 2020: 

  • Within Maryland we are operating under Status “3 
  • Within Pennsylvania we are operating under Status “3”. 

Stay well and please continue communicating with us so we can quickly address your needs!



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