As an IT Managed Services Provider, we keep tabs on cybersecurity threats as a primary function of our role. In that, we are noticing increased phishing attempts both as a general trend and since the Kaseya breach. We do not know that the Kaseya breach specifically is motivating cybercriminals or if we are simply seeing the normal trend of increased phishing attempts during the summer. 

CNet recently posted a story detailing a social media phishing attempt, and our partners at KnowBe4 have identified several trends, including increased targeting of energy companies, on their Security Awareness Blog. 

Whatever the reason for the increased phishing attempts, it is important to remain vigilant. If you’d like a review of some good general practices, please check our article on keeping your company safe during the summer. 

You also can get a free social media phishing test from KnowBe4. While it’s not ideal if your business or organization does not already have some type of security awareness training, there’s no time like the present to start! Training is very effective in keeping employees alert to the threat and will help identify weak spots in your “human firewall”.

Give us a call or CONTACT US and our team of experts get you set up! 

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