Why do we recommend SonicWALL firewalls for the best protection for small business? Please allow me to explain.

The IT infrastructure is something of an odd beast at times. By that I mean that there is a constant balance between flexibility and security. The more open a network is, the easier it becomes to use, but also the easier it becomes to exploit. No doubt, there has been some time in the past where you or a colleague or employee has been frustrated by an IT process or protocol that slowed down productivity. This becomes an IT pain point, and ideally you have consulted with your IT department or managed services provider and looked for a solution. Most likely it exists…but the best solutions aren’t always cheap or easy, and thus it is often a cost decision.

Why SonicWALL Firewalls offer increased protection

To be blunt, SonicWALL options are not the least expensive solution. For this reason, we also install other brands of firewalls for our customers. However, a primary difference between the products is the active traffic inspection capabilities of the SonicWALL products. What this means is that the appliance is checking the traffic as it comes through the network, adding an additional layer of security to the cyberdefense stack.

Can I trust SonicWALL?

SonicWALL is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, and an industry leader in the space. As an IT MSP, Certified CIO uses SonicWALL protection and we offer it to customers requiring compliance with regulations such as CMMC. We trust it, and think you can too.

Is this additional protection important?

Yes, it is important. How important? That’s essentially a value call for the decision-maker of a business or organization. How important is maintaining additional layers of cybersecurity? How protected is the company/organization’s IT now? How much would downtime during a backup or, if you don’t have an adequate backup, total data loss cost? (If you don’t have a backup solution, we REALLY need to talk.)

The Department of Defense believes it to be important enough for it to be a requirement for contract companies to need elevated firewall protections. The cost is likely hundreds of dollars more a year than the next tier of protection. Whether it’s important enough to be worth it is, itself, worthy of a conversation with your IT department or MSP.

SonicWALL has stepped up their game for SMB with Gen 7 of their TZ offerings. These devices are faster, have more utility, and are less expensive than their predecessors. Ain’t progress grand?

SonicWALL is also offering excellent management tools for fleets of devices (useful for larger deployments or IT managed services providers). Gen 7 products specifically seek to solve pain points experienced with earlier generations including cost, scaled deployments (as mentioned), increased IoT and mobile usage, ease of use, and increased use of VPN.

Should my business upgrade?

Is your IT infrastructure aging or slow? Curious what level of cyberdefense you’re missing out on by not using a SonicWALL firewall? CONTACT US and we would love to talk to you about it!

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