The concept of neighborhood watch is not a new one. A group of entities, interested in protecting themselves from a bad actor, invest effort into protecting the group. This is, in effect, a “stronger together” mentality and it makes being a bad guy a more difficult job. 

In the IT world, sometimes it takes tough lessons to make everyone work together. This is likely partly due to the compartmentalized nature of IT, partly due to competition, and partly due to an introverted stereotype. But our partners at Huntress are looking to blow the doors off those excuses with their Huntress Neighborhood Watch program. 

What is Huntress Neighborhood Watch? 

Designed around the same ideals as a traditional version, Huntress is bringing IT Managed Services Providers (such as Certified CIO) together in order to share information and increase responsiveness in events of breach or malware distribution. By offering a shared set of managed security tools, Huntress plans to enable much quicker distribution of early warning, analysis of attacks, and mitigating actions. As the company puts it: 

Threat actors pose a bigger threat today than ever. Why? Because they’ve found there’s strength in numbers. Hackers have found that they work better together, so they’ve broken out of their silos and formed groups to support one another and skill up faster than ever before. For us to stand any chance against them, we defenders must do the same. 

Certified CIO’s team of security experts is proud to stand with our partners at Huntress and fellow managed services providers around the world in the ongoing fight with malicious actors! 

You can read more about the Huntress Neighborhood Watch program here. 

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