The moment you connect to the internet is the moment you expose your business to security threats. This is no secret. The key is making your business’s system resistant to attack while simultaneously being prepared when—not if—it happens.

Certified CIO’s layered approach to security uses industry-leading hardware, tested and trusted software, and staff training to defend your business against ransomware, phishing attempts and data theft or destruction.

Certified CIO offers all the data security you need at a reasonable price point. We admit, we will not be the least expensive solution you can find. But security is no place to go without. When a business has a choice between budgeting a little more every month to have a fortified solution versus paying a lot once when data is breached and a business is compromised—sometimes to bankruptcy—the right choice is clear.

Garner much needed peace of mind with Certified CIO. We will keep your network secure, protect your data, turn your employees into a human firewall, and ensure your business is fully prepared when the bad guys come knocking.

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