As a small and medium business owner, investing in managed IT services can be a strategic decision that brings a host of benefits to your organization. However, it’s natural to have questions and concerns before making this important investment with a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP). Let’s explore some common queries and considerations that SMB owners might have: 

Budget Concerns: 

  • How much will managed IT services cost? 
  • Can I afford these services within my budget? 
  • What is the return on investment (ROI) for managed IT services? 
  • What costs do I risk by maintaining current IT practices? 


Slow Computer and Network Performance: 

  • Will managed IT services improve the speed and performance of my computer systems and network? 
  • How quickly can issues be resolved to minimize downtime? 
  • Will there be proactive monitoring to identify and address potential performance issues? 
  • Is there an organized system (generally, a ticketing system) to maintain control and reportable metrics? 


Data Security: 

  • How will managed IT services protect my sensitive data from cyber threats and breaches? 
  • What security measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access? 
  • Are regular backups and disaster recovery plans included? 
  • What would the cost be for downtime or loss as a result of a cyberattack?

Cloud Storage: 

  • Can managed IT services help me migrate to and manage cloud storage solutions? 
  • How secure is cloud storage for my business data? 
  • Will it provide scalability and flexibility as my business grows? 


Outsourcing vs. Hiring Internal IT Professional: 

  • Can managed IT services offer a more cost-effective solution versus hiring an internal IT professional? 
  • How can outsourcing provide access to a broader range of expertise and resources? 
  • Will outsourced IT be available outside of normal business hours? 
  • Will an MSP be able to address my business’s needs in the same amount of time as an internal resource? 
  • Will an affordable internal IT resource be competent and expert enough to advise my business’s strategic IT needs? 


Integration Challenges and Reliance on Other Technologies: 

  • How will managed IT services integrate with our existing systems and technologies? 
  • Will there be compatibility issues or disruptions during implementation? 
  • How reliant will my business be on the managed IT service provider for ongoing support and updates? 


By investing in managed IT services, SMBs can gain a competitive edge by leveraging the expertise and resources of experienced professionals. It ensures a cost-effective and efficient workflow, allowing business owners to focus on their core operations. However, it’s crucial to choose a service provider that understands the unique needs of SMBs. 

Certified CIO has been recognized year-over-year for its leadership in the industry in recognizing the importance of staying ahead of IT security rather than reacting to it. Additionally, Certified CIO offers tailored solutions, proactive support, strong security measures, and scalable options to meet the specific requirements of small and medium businesses. 

Remember, by partnering with the right managed IT service provider, you can enhance your company’s productivity, security, and overall success! BALTIMORE OR SOUTH-CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA SMALL BUSINESS, LET US SHOW YOU HOW! 

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