Managed IT services can revolutionize how your business operates, freeing up resources and enhancing efficiency. But how do you know if you’re ready to make the switch? Take this short quiz to assess your current IT situation (and your knowledge of your current IT situation) and discover if it’s time to consider Managed IT Services.

(Please Note: if you’re making assumptions, you are likely aren’t sure or don’t know. This quiz is only as helpful as you are transparent!) 

Section 1: Cybersecurity 

1. How secure is your current network? 

  • A) Very secure, with comprehensive protection measures in place. 
  • B) Somewhat secure, but could use improvement. 
  • C) I don’t know. 
  • D) Not secure, we’ve experienced breaches or threats recently and need help now. 

2. How frequently do you perform cybersecurity training for you and your employees? 

  • A) Regularly, at least once a quarter. 
  • B) Occasionally, maybe once or twice a year. 
  • C) Rarely or never. 
  • D) I don’t know what cybersecurity training is. 

Section 2: Data Management 

1. How do you manage your data storage and access? 

  • A) We use a modern, scalable data management solution. 
  • B) We rely on a combination of old and new systems. 
  • C) I don’t know. 
  • D) Our data management is outdated and fragmented. 

2. Do you have a data governance policy in place? 

  • A) Yes, it’s well-documented and enforced. 
  • B) We have a policy, but it’s not consistently followed. 
  • C) No, we don’t have a formal policy. 
  • D) I don’t know what a data governance policy is. 

Section 3: IT Support 

1. How quickly are your IT issues be resolved? 

  • A) Within minutes after making a phone call, our IT support is top-notch. 
  • B) It varies, sometimes it can take a few hours to a few days. 
  • C) It can take days, weeks, or issues never get solved. It’s a source of frustration. 

2. Do you have a dedicated IT support team? 

  • A) Yes, we have a skilled team available 24/7. 
  • B) We have some outside support, but it’s not always reliable. 
  • C) No, we handle IT issues as they come up amongst ourselves, often without expert help. 

Section 4: Scalability 

1. Is your IT infrastructure capable of scaling with your business growth? 

  • A) Absolutely, we can scale effortlessly. 
  • B) Somewhat, but it requires significant effort. 
  • C) No, our current setup struggles with scalability. 
  • D) I don’t know/I’ve never thought about it. 

2. How do you handle increased demand on your IT resources? 

  • A) We have a robust plan that works well. 
  • B) We manage, but it’s challenging. 
  • C) We often face issues with increased demand. 
  • D) We find something else to do while we wait on the system. 

Section 5: Data Backup and Disaster Planning 

1. How regularly do you back up your data? 

  • A) Daily (or more frequently) utilizing off-site, automated systems. 
  • B) Occasionally, but not consistently. 
  • C) Rarely or never. 
  • D) We don’t need data backups.

2. Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? 

  • A) Yes, and we test it regularly. 
  • B) We have a plan, but it’s outdated or untested. 
  • C) No, we don’t have a disaster recovery plan. 
  • D) I don’t know/I’ve never thought about it. 


Mostly A’s: Congratulations! Your business is well-prepared for the demands of IT managed services. You have robust systems in place. We’d love to have a chat as utilizing managed services could further enhance your efficiency and security. (We generally call this a co-management scenario.) 

Mostly B’s: Your business has likely considered the right moves, but have not been able to execute and stay current. You could benefit from some improvements. Consider managed IT services to address the gaps and optimize your operations—your business or organization is likely a good fit! 

Mostly C’s or D’s: It’s time to seriously consider Managed IT services. Addressing your IT challenges will significantly improve your business productivity and security. Be aware your business is behind the IT curve and there will likely be an initial set of projects to get to a modern IT baseline so that your business can be set up for success! 

Ready to learn more about how a team of experts at a Managed IT Services Provider can help your business thrive? Schedule a call with us today for a free consultation! 

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