Improving Security – Together – Through Modern Authentication

Making it harder for the bad guys

For many years, client apps have used Basic Authentication to connect to servers, services and endpoints. It is enabled by default on most servers and services and it’s super simple to set up. Basic Authentication simply means the application sends a username and password with every request (often stored or saved on the device). 

Basic Authentication makes it easier for attackers—armed with today’s tools and methods—to capture ...

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What is the future of Telehealth?

As COVID-19 has forced much of the country into staying in our homes as much as possible, the healthcare business has undergone some significant changes. Part of this schema change is utilization of telehealth which, at its core, is meeting patients remotely. This, of course, allows communication between healthcare provider and client while keeping exposure (and danger for coronavirus transmission) at zero. 

The transition to telehealth has introduced a new set of challenges ...

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Can Teams really do what Zoom does?

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of clients complaining that Zoom is too expensive and too insecure.  While I trust they will continue to address any security concerns quickly, I have started asking – “Why not use Microsoft Teams?”

Really, the answer is simple – no one really knows that Teams is just as effective, is covered under the Microsoft Business Associate Agreement, and is included in almost every Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plan.

I am working on some detailed posts ...

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Some Unfriendly Neighbors: the Dark Web and Phishing


Quickly evolving travel and social requirements in response to COVID-19 mean that, like it or not, organizations are asking traditional office-based employees to work from home.

Today’s technology allows that to happen in many cases with relative ease; however, are your employees prepared with the necessary knowledge to keep themselves and the network safe under these ...

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COVID-19 Small Business Resources

Small Business Owners, the COVID-19 crisis is hitting many of us very hard. While some are forced to furlough employees for unknown amounts of time, and others are running on skeleton crew, reduced hours plans, or work from home solutions, few are running as normal. However, there are some options available that can and will literally save businesses from permanent closure.

****Please note that none of the following should be construed as legal advice. Each situation is different. Please consult your ...

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Security in the World of Work-from-Home

We at Certified CIO want to thank you for your responses and interactions during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are placing health and safety as our number one priority. Additionally, we are happy to be helping you do the same! We are pleased to report that the vast majority of our customers who have decided to work remote have adjusted well to doing so. For those who’ve had some trouble, we’ve helped them get back on track. Now that we’re safely ...

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Dealing with COVID-19…

First and foremost, we hope all of you are staying healthy and exercising proper caution during the coronavirus outbreak. While we all are concerned with business interests during this crisis, our first focus, like many of you, is on our immediate and most precious assets: our friends and family.

Next comes the task of keeping the lights on. We are here to help you do just that! Certified CIO has shared with our partners our posted company policy as it applies ...

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Why Is My Computer Running So Slowly?

Are you growing old waiting for your programs to open, or for your web pages to load? Are you pulling your hair out watching the “loading” icon spin and spin and spin? We see it all the time where computers are running perfectly fine and then all of the sudden they are painfully slow. Here are the three most common reasons your computer could be running slow:

  1. You Have Too Many Programs Running in the Background.
    The first thing we check ...
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